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Pre-Settlement Lawsuit Loans

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bannersiteAt My Lawsuit Loans, we make it fast and easy for plaintiffs to obtain lawsuit funding. Our streamlined and paperless three-step process ensures your experience will be hassle free. In fact, the bulk of the work will be done between us and your attorney. All you have to do is call or apply online and your part is done. After that, you relax while we get you the funding you need!

Before getting into our three-step process, the following are benefits you can expect when applying with MyLawsuitLoans.com.

  • No upfront fee
  • No credit or employment checks
  • Fund transfer within 24 hours of approval
  • Lowest and fixed rates, guaranteed
  • All case types qualify
  • Dedicated funding specialists available 24/7

Our 3 Step Legal Lawsuit Funding Process

Lawsuit funding provides you with financial relief while you wait for your case to settle. We understand that when you’re short on funds and the bills are piling up, the need for cash is urgent. That’s why My Lawsuit Loans designed a simplified 3 step process to quickly get you the money you need.

STEP 1:  Fill out our online application or call us at [(000) 000-0000] to see if you qualify. Once we know some basic facts surrounding your case, we will contact your law firm to obtain the rest of the information we need to fully review your case.

STEP 2:  After receiving the documents we need to assess your case, our underwriters will study them thoroughly. All information will be kept private and confidential. Typically within 48 hours, we can inform you if your lawsuit loan application is approved or not.

STEP 3:  If your application is approved, you will receive cash within 24 hours. However, the transaction is completed only once you and your attorney have signed the agreement. The cash can be sent to you through FedEx, wire transfer, Western Union, and standard mail. You are not required to have a bank account in order for the funds to transfer.

How to know if you qualify for a lawsuit cash advance before you begin:

As a general rule of thumb, if you filed a lawsuit or were recently injured due to the negligence of another person, you automatically qualify for funding. Certain cases are easier to qualify with, one of them being car accidents and other types of injury claims. Auto accidents, product liability, wrongful death and premise liability are the types of cases My Lawsuit Loans most frequently approves for funding.

Lawsuit Funding FAQs

Is lawsuit funding a loan?

No, it is not. Where’s a loan has to be repaid no matter what, you only pay for lawsuit funding if you win the case. If you do not win the case, you owe back nothing. That makes the transaction a non-recourse investment and therefore not a loan.

Does bad credit hurt my chances?

My Lawsuit Loans does not check for credit. Your credit history is not necessary because your approval is wholly is contingent on the viability of your case. The facts and details surrounding your case is all that matters to us.

How much funding can I get?

The minimum is $500 and there is no maximum.

How is the cash advance amount determined?

Cash advance is decided based on the merits of each case. Each case is unique and requires individual attention and consideration. Factors that are commonly considered in the approval process are:

Type of case
State and jurisdiction of your case
Strength of the theory of liability
The extent of damages and injuries, lost wages and value of medical bills
Whether the defendant has liability insurance or not and the policy limits
Whether there are other liens against your case

If I have already received an advance, is it possible to get another one?

Yes, it is possible. We often re-evaluate cases for and provide additional advances.

What if I previously obtained lawsuit funding from another company?

We can pay off the cash advance and provide you additional funds. Having previous funding does not automatically disqualify you, but it lowers your chances of getting approved.

How much does lawsuit funding cost?

The interest rate we assign to your case completely depends on the strength of your case. The stronger the case, the lower the rate and vice-versa. Generally, we charge very competitive rates; if you have another offer, we can match or beat any quoted rate.

Are there any upfront fees?

No, there are no upfront fees.

Are there any upfront processing/application fees?

No, unlike other companies, My Lawsuit Loans does not charge upfront processing / application fees on lawsuit loans.

How can I improve my chances of getting approved for funding?

Discuss getting lawsuit funding with your attorney before calling My Lawsuit Loans. Once you apply with us, notify your law firm we’ll be calling them to get more information on your case. Notifying your law firm of your relationship will make them more likely to get back to us and therefore move the process much faster.