Have you ever been involved in bicycle accident before? Have you found it difficult to obtain any funding as you wait for your insurance claim? Well, at My Lawsuit loans we not only make it fast but also easy to get loans. In case you are injured and you are struggling to get through your bicycle accident lawsuit loans, we are here to help you. We provide loans for personal accident injuries such as bicycle accidents.

What is pre-settlement funding and who uses it?

Normally, most motorists in the United States are not willing to share the roads with cyclists. According to them, the cyclists are obtrusive hence do not deserve to use the road. Due to this, many will give way to bikers reluctantly. Apart from other motorists, as a cyclist,you will also have to deal with bad roads. This is why riding a bicycle is a very dangerous activity. In fact, some of the accidents are even catastrophic.

If you get injuries while riding, you are entitled to get an attorney who will help you seek compensation for the pain and injuries that you have suffered. Irrespective of how strong your case is, in some instances the case might take you many years to finalize. If your situation prevents you from carrying out your normal activities it’s not advisable to wait. At My Lawsuit Loans, we can help you get a pre-settlement funding. Although they are always termed as loans these types of settlements are not loans in the real sense. Technically, they are cash advances against the future proceeds of your lawsuits.

How to qualify for funding and with a cash advance

Qualifying for bicycle accident lawsuit loans depends on two factors namely; the cause of the accident and your injuries. For instance, if you were inside the bike lane and a drunk driver hits you, your case is likely to get approved. This is because the cause of the accident is clearly defined and placed on the driver of the car. For you to get this loan you only have to call or apply online. Some of the benefits that you will enjoy include

  • Committed funding specialists that are available 24 hours.
  • No credit or employment checks.
  • No upfront fee
  • Transfer of funds waiting 24 hours of approval time
  • Both fixed and lowest rates are guaranteed
  • All cases prequalify.

As a company, we have designed a 3 step process to help you get the money that you need. First, you need to fill the form to see if you qualify for the same. After receiving the forms our underwriters will carefully study them. Finally, if your application is approved you will get the cash within 24 hours.

Our staff is always available 24 hours. We not only serve in all states but also ready to serve you as soon as possible. In fact, if you are injured you qualify to get the cash within 24 hours. You only need to connect us with you attorney and we will do the rest. Do not wait, call us today and get a bicycle accident lawsuit loans.

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