Working in the construction industry is one of the most dangerous jobs since you are exposed to a range of hazards. These hazards can results from faulty equipment, falling materials, chemical licks, slip and fall or unsafe machinery and when an accident occurs, the results can be devastating to the victims. When this happens to you, whether you are a construction worker or a pedestrian passing by, it can lead to injuries which can cost you your job or lead to disability hence affecting your financial position. Thus, you need finances to pay for medical feel, meet your daily needs such as rent and pay for attorney fees and it is for this reason that My Lawsuit Loans was established.

After being involved in a construction accident, you automatically qualify for a worker’s compensation. In most cases, the workers compensation is only a fraction of your previous salary and cannot fully sustain your expenses as you recover from the accident. Whereas most construction accidents occur due to negligence on the part of the employer such as: failure to warn employees on presence of hazardous substance, failure to train the workers properly or carelessly installing objects on the site, most employers will try to deny liability. This leaves workers with no option that to pursue personal injury litigation, one of the longest and most painful legal battles.

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At My Lawsuit Loans, we understand the frustration involved in construction accident lawsuits. The insurance company might pressure you into taking a settlement, but in most cases this payout is lower than the amount you deserve. Hence, having Construction Accident lawsuit loans helps you take care of your financial obligations as you wait for the insurance to give you a better offer or for the case to be ruled. Further, this loan can help you hire the best lawyers who can present the facts and argue your case to get you what you deserve. Unlike other lawsuit funding companies, My Lawsuit Loans offers you a non-recourse investment. This simply implies that if you don’t win your construction accident lawsuit, you have no obligation to repay the loan. Further, there are no spending restrictions on how you spend your Construction Accident lawsuit loans. Hence, you can use the money to pay rent, medical bills, car payments, child support, attorney fees, mortgage payment and any other financial obligation that you deem fit. There is no qualification criteria required to meet for you to qualify for Construction Accident lawsuit loans. Different construction accidents have different circumstances; hence each case is treated independently. Eligibility criteria, the interest rate, the amount that you qualify to get all depend on the circumstances of your case. Factors such as jurisdiction of your case, strength of liability theory, extend of damages; value of medical bills and the insurance policy limit are taken into account while determining the amount of the loan and interest rate. For this reason, it is important to inform your attorney before applying for the loan to ensure that the attorney prepares all the facts in advance.

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The application process is one of the simplest. You simply need to fill an online application, present the facts and documents supporting your application and get the loan credited to your account in less than 24 hours. There is no upfront fee, processing fee or credit reports required when making your application. Further, you can qualify to get the loan even if you have an advance. My Lawsuit Loans will use the money to settle your advance and credit the balance to your account.

Hence, you have no reason to get sleepless nights worrying about money after getting into a construction accident. Simply talk to My Lawsuit loans and get the helping hand that you need as you pursue justice.

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