A maritime accident (Jones Act) lawsuit loan is a form of pre-settlement funding advanced to sea vessel crew members and passengers. It is advanced to sea farers with cases that relate to injuries sustained at sea. The purpose of these loans is to cater for their living expenses and other costs as they await settlement or trial. Once such cases are won or are settled outside court, the borrower uses the settlement winning to repay the loan advance—plus the fee. If the case is lost, the borrower is not required to pay back the advanced amount.

Getting pre-settlement maritime accident loans

A maritime accident lawsuit encompasses any types of case that is related to accidents that happen while at sea. In case you get hurt while working or vacationing at sea, you ought to pursue monetary compensation for sustained damages. Ship and boat accidents are usually very complex in nature-sometimes taking months or even years before they are settled. Meanwhile, one may not be financially stable to cater for their daily expenses and bills as they wait for the settlement to come.

This is where lawsuit companies come in. One such company is My Lawsuit loans, your one-stop solution if you need legal funding to cater for litigation costs. We provide lawsuit loans for different cases, including maritime accident cases. We provide quick and reliable services to make sure our clients get fair awards or settlements rather than being forced to take low settlements as a result of cash constraints.

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Common Maritime Injuries funded by cash advance

We accept applications for any serious injury sustained by a crew member while working or living aboard a vessel, while leaving and returning back to ship, while handling their job tasks at ports of call, as well as for injuries sustained to ship passengers. We offer pre-settlement funding for injuries such as: Falls overboard, Drowning, Fall and slips on ship, recreational areas or gang ways, Crush injuries to hands, fingers, feet and limbs, Amputations, Back & neck injuries, Fractures, Blunt force trauma, Head injuries, Spinal cord damage, Severe lacerations, Puncture wounds, Serious infections caused by workplace injuries, Burns from fires and explosions onboard vessel as well as Sexual assault to crew or passengers.

My Lawsuit loans offers fast, affordable and non-recourse cash advances for Maritime accident claims and various other forms of personal injury, employment and civil rights claims, often between12-24 hours, with no upfront fees, no credit checks and no hassles. Feel free to check our website, email us or call us toll free for any queries or to apply for a maritime accident lawsuit loan. Our customer care team will ensure you are fully informed and taken care of from when contact us till when the service is rendered.

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