Drug manufacturers have the responsibility to produce drugs or devices that are safe to the patients, and in many cases, they are required to provide warnings to the pharmacy that disperses their products. Sometimes, however, they may be aware that their product has adverse side effects, but they decide profits over the safety of the patients who the drug are intended for. As a Consumer, when you get a prescription from your physician, you are very confident that it’s safe, but safety according to FDA means more benefits than risks. In simple terms, a safe drug doesn’t mean that it’s harmless.

Getting a pre-settlement drug loan

If you or maybe your loved one are currently waiting to receive a settlement for a damaging Pharmaceutical drug lawsuit then you have to understand that, pharmaceutical companies usually have deep pockets and with extensive legal experts on their side that allow them to fight a case for years. Since these cases are complex in nature, they are often tied up in a court for years, which leaves you as the plaintiff with nowhere to turn even for necessary expenses or to pay for your medical expenses. The good news is that My Lawsuit Loans can help remedy these injustices by offering a lawsuit advance to help you live your life with dignity.

Current Damaging Pharmaceutical drugs include Risperdal that has left thousands of patients with Risperdal gynecomastia. This condition causes embarrassments, lots of social problems, and many adverse psychological effects. If you are one of the people who have experienced Risperdal gynecomastia, then you can file an individual claim. Many Risperdal gynecomastia lawsuits have come to success resulting to settlements, but as noted above, it might sometimes take long before you receive the compensation.

Quick funding for your cash advance

My Lawsuit Loans can help, by providing a fast, affordable and non-recourse lawsuit loans often as little as within 24 hours, no credit check and no hassle. To qualify for a settlement funding on your lawsuit, you or your loved one must

  • Have been prescribed and consumed the drug within the last 15 years.
  • Have been diagnosed with the side effects of the drug, for example, in Risperdal, side effects include, gynecomastia, weight loss, stroke, and diabetes.
  • You must also hire a lawyer who can litigate your case on a contingency basis.

The amount of money you can get an advance on will depend on multiple factors related to your case, but regardless of your situation, My Lawsuit Loans will provide you with the advance that will help you meet your daily expenses including medical expenses. These loans also give you an increased chance of winning maximum compensation.

One of the advantages of getting Damaging Pharmaceutical Drugs (e.g., Risperdal) lawsuit loans from My Lawsuit Loans is that the process I easy and fast. They have streamlines the settlement funding processes such that no complicated procedures are involved, no paperwork or restriction. In fact, the process will be handled by your attorney and the company so long as you have a pending claim. If you don’t win the case, you are not obligated to pay anything; there are no interests on the loan, no upfront costs, and you don’t even need a bank account. It’s such fast, very easy and free to apply.

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