Auto Accident Cases – Pre-Settlement Funding

In just one moment, your life can be turned upside down forever by a motor vehicle accident. Auto accidents cause disabilities and injuries which lead to steep medical bills, difficulty paying for regular living expenses and inability to work. These can cripple you financially and lead to more pressure due to emotional stress.

Due to these harsh realities, an auto accident victim can easily descend into depression as the pressure keeps piling without a solution in sight. In the meantime, the legal process can take years to unfold. The good news is that you do not have to undergo so much pain and anxiety following an auto accident because you can easily get auto accident lawsuit loans from /.

Cash procured from My Lawsuit Loans Company will help you to pay your medical bills, buy groceries, pay attorney fees and meet your rent obligations. Since the company understands that your injuries may limit your ability to deal with paper work, they make the application incredibly easy and hassle free. Once you contact the company, all they will require is your attorney’s name and contact information. The company will find out everything they need to know about your case from your law firm as the attorney knows the facts of your case better.

Benefits of pre-settlement auto accident loans

In most instances, insurance companies have one goal in mind when dealing with your case: pay you as little as possible. If they get a whiff of desperation, they will quickly low-ball your case value in an attempt to get you to agree to their terms of settlement. The longer you are willing to sit on the case, the more you will convince them you mean business. Getting the auto accident funding will help you to wait for the award or settlement you deserve rather than opting for a low settlement due to cash constrains.

Unknown to most people, car accident lawsuits involves a lot of patience. The longer you are willing to stay in the game, the larger the settlement from the insurance is likely to be. When you give your lawyer the time and space needed to fight for what you deserve, you will reap the benefits of a bigger settlement as your case will increase in value.

Compared to other methods that provide monetary support in such circumstances, auto accident lawsuit loans are extremely simple. The only factors the company will consider to approve your loan have to do with the facts of your case. Here, your personal finances and credit score do not affect your chances of approval.

How much funding will I receive with my cash advance?

Normally, the amount of cash depends on the perceived value of your case. The more valuable your case, the higher the amount of lawsuit loan you will receive. Once your case documents have been collected from your attorney, the underwriting team from the company will determine the value of your case.

And best of all, auto accident lawsuit loans from / are completely risk-free. You only pay back the money if and when you win the case. These loans, also known as non-recourse funding places 100 percent risk on the lender. So, instead of struggling to meet your financial obligations or opting for meager settlement, contact My Lawsuit Loans Company and get your lawsuit funding within 24 hours.

What is an car Accident Loan?

As auto accident loans from My Lawsuit Loans are actually investments in the compensation you are expecting to receive as part of your auto accident lawsuit settlement, the criteria for qualification is very simple. There is no need for a credit check, no proof of income required and no upfront costs. Furthermore, perhaps the most comforting aspect of car accident lawsuit loans is that you don’t have to make monthly payments like you do with traditional bank loans. The only payment that the funder receives is from your settlement if your case is successful – there is no obligation to repay if your case does not pan out. In short, we are only concerned with the strength of your auto accident lawsuit and the financial support you need at this critical juncture.

How Auto Accident Loans Can Help

This way you will save not only time and ease the stress associated with your lawsuit, but will also have the financial backing to pursue the full value of your case instead of settling early to cover living expenses. All that you are required to do is call us at (000) 000-0000 or apply online. We will take care of the rest, working closely with your lawyer to obtain the required case information.\

My Lawsuit Loans has helped countless personal injury lawsuit plaintiffs avoid low-value settlements, eviction, ruined credit, car repossession, bankruptcy proceedings and debt collection calls.

The cash you receive can be used for any purpose, but is typically used to cover general living expenses. Most of the auto accident victims to whom we have provided funding have used the money to pay rent, car payments, mortgage installments, medical bills, insurance premiums, tuition fees, credit card bills, surgery costs and / or child care obligations.

Why We’re Different From Other Purveyors of Auto Accident Loans

In addition to all of the above, you will appreciate the fact that no other accident loans provider offers quicker cash advances than My Lawsuit Loans. This is because we have been substantial industry experience and have the expertise to quickly review cases. Our expertise in the field also enables us to provide you with the maximum amount of cash advanced at the lowest possible interest rates.

If other companies have declined your application for auto accident lawsuit cash advance, don’t worry. You can come to us. If we cannot fund the case ourselves, we will be able to work with our network of investors to get you the cash you need.

Cases That Qualify For Auto Accident Lawsuit Loans

My Lawsuit Loans specializes in extending settlement loans/funding for different types of auto accident cases including:

  • Automobile Accident Lawsuit
  • Auto Accident Lawsuit
  • Bus Accident Lawsuit
  • Car Crash Accident Lawsuit
  • Motorcycle Accident Lawsuit
  • Motor Vehicle Accident Lawsuit
  • Limousine Accident Lawsuit
  • Pedestrian Knock-Down Accident Lawsuit
  • Taxi Cab Accident Lawsuit
  • Tractor Trailer Accident Lawsuit
  • SUV Rollover Accident Lawsuit
  • Truck Accident Lawsuit

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